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accomplished the digitization of military church registers related to border region of the Slovak Republic (including Vienna).

In the course of liquidation of the “k. u. k. Wehrmacht“ – the army of the Austro-Hungarian imperial and royal dual monarchy – the greatest bulk of military church registers from the troop body, like official birth, marriage and death registers, were brought to the military vicariate in Vienna, especially in the years 1918-1920.

Digitization of these books, which cover important historical information about the Slovak-Austrian border region, and their publication in the web induces an essential advancement in cross border information exchange.

Military church registers include general information like:

  • Detailed personnel data
  • General information about baptisms, marriages and death. These detailed facts concern in most cases military personnel, their wives and children.
ICARUS – International Centre for Archival Research

…dedicated itself to selected register books of catholic parishes in the period 1938 and earlier, which are significant sources for cross border activities par excellence.

Until the Second World War nearly 95% of people living in the Slovak – Austrian border region were Catholics. For example nearly all of Viennese population from 16th century until 20th century is registered with year of birth, marriages or year of death in the church registers. No other historical sources show those data in such a comprehensive way.   

Vienna as former capital and residential city of the Habsburg monarchy domiciled a large amount of immigrants from many parts of the empire, especially from former upper-Hungarian and today’s Slovak part of Habsburg monarchy. Many people living nowadays in Vienna or the surrounding countryside have their roots beyond the borders. Now it´s possible for them to use Slovak historical sources and documents to explore their roots as well as Slovak people can use them to explore theirs.

Franzis.Katatser - KopieNETZWERK GESCHICHTE NIEDERÖSTERREICH (in cooperation with the Lower Austrian Archives)

…edited the so called “Franziszaeen land registers”, the first complete land registers of Lower Austria and predecessor of the modern official real estate registers.

First preparations took place since 1806. The actual receptions were made between 1817 and 1821 (Scale 1:2880, 1 inch to 40 cords).

Also some archives of lower Austrian aristocrats and rulers, the so called “Herrschaftsarchive” were edited.

Even after the official project end in June 2014 new documents of the border region Slovakia-Austria will be placed on the platform crossborderarchives constantly. Click here to start your research >>>