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PR Activities

Informational material of all sorts is available here. Just click a link to download any file directly.

Folder Cross Border Archives


5 June 2012: “Modern face of archival science – Archival documents online” Workshop @ University Library Bratislava (SK)

The Austrian State Archives – Partner of the Interreg project Crossborderarchives

The State Archives in Bratislava and the project Crossborderarchives

Austrian registers on their way into the web – ICARUS as coordinator, platform and actor

26 June 2012: ICARUS Meeting in the monastery of Einsiedeln (CH)

Memory without borders – Cross border archives 2012 – 2014

11-12 October 2012: EBNA Meeting in Nicosia (CY)

Some national and international projects in Slovak archives

17-18 October 2012: “Austrian & Slovak Archives in Europe” Workshop @ The Austrian State Archives in Vienna (AT)

The ETC project CrArc – A multiplier for cross border cooperation of Slovak and Austrian Archives

Creating the future – Cross-border cooperation programme Slovak Republic – Austria 2007-2013 Some national and international projects in Slovak archives

The Austrian State Archives and its Importance for Interregional Research

The Lower Austrian Archives 

State Archives in Bratislava – Past – Present – Future

Municipal and state archives of Vienna

The Archive of the capital City in Bratislava – History and present

Die Wimmers – Geschichte einer österreichischen Familie in Pressburg

Austria in Archival Documents of Slovak National Archive

Austria in Archive documents of State Archives in Bratislava

The Wienerwelten Family – Crossborder Activities across March and Danube

Project CrArc – “Franziszäischer Kataster & NÖ Herrschaftsarchive”

The Border Region Austria – Slovak Republic – selcted documents from the Lower Austrian Archives

19-20 March 2013: “In rivers confluence. Life on Slovak-Austrian border” Workshop @ Bratislava castle

Videoarchiv: Presentation of the project “Crossborder Archives” and the Workshop on Slovak television (Archivári pripravujú Pamäť bez hraníc – Správy RTVS)

Abstract “About the project CrArc”

Abstracts of lectures: 19th of March 2013

Abstracts of lectures: 20th of March 2013


Military Clergy and Military Church in the Habsburg Empire

The construction of the Czechoslovak border fortification in Bratislava bridgehead and the region Záhorie

Slovak re-immigrants from Austria after 1945 and their lifes

On the road – Holíč – Šaštín. Influence of the central government in Wien on the development of the imperial domains Holíč and Šaštín

Utilities of Viennese provenance in the interiors of burgesses is Bratislava before 1918

Slovak servant on the court of Franz Joseph I (Anton Szmolen 1856-1939)

The city and the monarchy – musealization of the relationships

The Danube at Slovak-Austrian border region

The ferry boat in Vel´ké Leváre

Danube and medieval Bratislava – good servant and bad master

Hungarian-Austrian border region during the war of the fourth coalition in 1809

Craftsmen in price limitation of the Bratislva County (1706)

Local border traffic in the Slovak-Austrian border region. Borders and inhabitants during the First Czechoslovak Republic

On the borders of the Bratislava County and Austria in the 18th century

7 November 2013: “Cross Border Archives” @ Lower Austrian Library (AT)


Cross Border Archives. Österreich – Slowakei (with deatailed explanation of the searching possibilities in the online-database)

Archive in der Slowakei. Organisation, Aufgaben und Gesetzgebung


13th and 14th of May 2014: “Memory Without Borders. Archives of the Austrian-Slovak Border Region.” @ Castle of Bratislava (SK) & Austrian State Archives (AT)

Videos of all lectures and discussion groups in full length (YouTube)


Corinna Ziegler (ICARUS): The ETC project “Memory without borders”. Online-resources of Austrian and Slovak archives of the border region

Lenka Pavlíková (State Archives Bratislava): State Archive in Bratislava as a partner of the project CrArc

Kristína Sámelová (Archives of Capital of the SR Bratislava): Archive´s tasks in the project CrArc

Renate Domnanich (Austrian State Archives): A journey of discovery – Similarities become visible. Retrospects and outlooks

Juraj Šedivý (Comenius University Bratislava): Researcher – Archives – Digitization. Between utopia and reality.

Dietmar Cziesla(Family Search): FamilySearch – Cooperation partner of Archives in Austria and Europe

Rudolf Maurer (Rollettmuseum – City Archive Baden): Bathers, journey men and fugitive monks. The cross-regional importance of communal archives

Alexander Schatek (Topothek): The Topothek as contribution of a regional identity development

Mária Zacharová (State Archives Bratislava): Importance, application and usability of congregational documents of Bratislava county

Ján Valo (Comenius University Bratislava): My research at the Archives

Anton Hofer (Archive Matzen): A little communal Archive – Between service for local history studies and scientific demands

Georg Gaugusch (Heraldic-Genealogical Society “Adler”): The heraldic-genealogical society “Adler” in Vienna – 140 years in the service of science

Radoslav Ragač (Slovak National Archives): Activities of Slovak genealogical-heraldic society

Felix Gundacker (Gen Team): GenTeam – The European genealogical database

Günter Ofner (Familia Austria): Familia Austria. The Austrian society for genealogy and history. What we can do for you.

Johann Weißensteiner (Diocesan Archives of Vienna): The Diocesan Archives of Vienna – an overview of its collections with special consideration of Vienna as a place of study for executive staff of the Slovak clergy between 1816 to 1918

Roman Zehetmayer (Lower Austrian Archives): Charters and Border. The document collection of the Lower Austrian Archives and the exploration of the north-east border region

Martina Rödl (Lower Austrian Archives): Collections of Lower Austrian district governments with special consideration of Gänserndorf and Bruck/Leitha

Stephan Roth (The Documentation Archive of the Austrian Resistance): The Documentation Archive of the Austrian Resistances – Operations and research possibilities

Brigitte Rigele (Vienna State and City Archives): Into the memory of the city of Vienna – new ways for research and conveyance

Ján Kúkel (Archives of Capital of the SR Bratislava): Municipalities protocols as sources to the history of the city

Johann Six (Museum Association Wullersdorf): (Museum Association Wullersdorf)


The city of Vienna – EU Sponsoring / ETC projects

ICARUS – The Leadpartner presents the project

Creating the future – Presentation of all ETC projects