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Our goals

OESTA4_ZI1M2088 - Nahtlos

Our challenge is to unite historical regions which were formerly closely woven together. In this spirit “memory without borders” establishes new connections between Austrian und Slovak archives. With the help of close cooperation conditions for an uncomplicated access to historical sources of the common Slovak – Austrian history are established.

In order to make those sources available to the public and to foster an intensive exchange of knowledge and experience across the national borders, the establishment of a virtual platform based on current scientific and technological standards, was implanted and provided free of costs. Through the virtual access to historical data, experts and the interested public can use this pool of information for example in studies on the cultural heritage, on local history, for tourism, in school lessons or in further education for adults

Hence the project “Memory without Border” was establishing following goals:

→ Borderless international networking of archives

→ Boundless & unlimited availability of important cultural assets for the interested public

→ Raising public awareness of the shared Austrian & Slovak historical and cultural roots

→ Creating an unlimited & easy access to written historical sources